About Us


The company was founded in early 1998, to manufacture latex and latex-free exercise bands, Tourniquets, Dental Dams, Leg bag straps, and band loops.

The company is in an excellent position to supply products to medical sectors, fitness, and industrial applications.

The special technology used to manufacture an exercise band, a pre-vulcanized process which gives better performance and high-quality products

We are located at the heart of Colombo and closer to sea and airport and highways gives us extra comfort on delivering goods to worldwide.

Currently, the company has two vertical plants with a good supply chain to reduce lead time and tailer made products to satisfy our valued customers.

Quality latex product Pvt. Ltd. to improve its customer satisfaction by providing quality products, good after-sales services, customer relations and value for the money to improve loyal customer base all over the globe.

We carry on our business with integrity honesty and professionalism in order to build long-term business relationships with our valued customers, suppliers, environments, all its stakeholders.

Our strength is the geographical location, high Tech machinery, skilled employees, suppliers, natural resources.