Latex Dental Dam

About Latex Dental Dam

  • Premium latex and latex free dental dam
  • Materials produced to FDA standards
  • Used daily by thousands of dentists
  • Award winning performance
  • Light, medium, heavy and extra heavy grades
  • A range of colours with approved pigments
  • Low powder
  • Shrink wrapped for cleanliness
  • Bespoke boxes and label printing options
  • Made in the UK

Product Description

Four D has been manufacturing top of the range dental dams for over 15 years.

Made from natural rubber latex or latex free (synthetic natural rubber), dental dams are used within dentistry to isolate specific areas of the teeth and gums during procedures. They improve infection control, visibility and cleanliness of the working area and patient experience. Their use is now acknowledged around the world as best practice for all types of dentistry.

Technical Details

Four D Dental dams are available in two main materials options based on natural rubber latex and latex free (synthetic natural rubber). The formulations for both materials are optimised to give high tear resistance and the right elastomeric properties. They are also produced using FDA approved ingredients. Low protein latex is used to minimise any risk of sensitivity. Our latex free dams use a specially synthesised version of the natural rubber molecule to closely match the physical properties of natural rubber with no proteins.

Dental dam is generally supplied ready cut in squares of 150mm for ease of use with standard thicknesses of 0.18mm (light), 0.23mm (medium), 0.28mm (heavy) and 0.33mm (extra heavy). For most practitioners and applications medium is the preferred weight.

We can produce dental dam in a range of colours using approved pigments. However, the international standard is light blue for latex free and green for latex dams.

Four D Manufacturing

Four D dental dams are made under controlled conditions to the highest standards of safety and consistency that are critical for this application. Our materials and processes have been subjected to stringent trials, testing and audits so that customers complete confidence in our products.

The core of our manufacturing is in the UK on dedicated equipment. The process includes steps for washing and powder removal. Many customers prefer to have dams shrink wrapped for cleanliness and then boxed on site.

Recognition & Branding

Four D have recently been recognised as the best dental dam supplier in North America due to the premium quality of the product. Four D’s dental dam is recognised worldwide as being the leader in patient comfort due to our premium materials allowing thinner gauges to be used.

Four D is behind ISODAM, one of the leading dental dam brands in the world. However, our standard range of dams can be branded entirely for clients with a full package of support.

ISO 9001. 2015 and ISO 13485. 2016 accredited and FDA approved

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