Leg bag straps

About Leg bag straps

  • Latex leg straps for use with a wide range of bags
  • Highly elastic and comfortable
  • Perforated holes for easy button fastening
  • Natural colour
  • Branded packaging available
  • High Quality Medical device

Product Description

Four D has been providing the medical industry with latex rubber leg straps for over 30 years.

Used to assist with the secure positioning of urology or colostomy bags, Four D leg straps are comfortable, sturdy, resilient and reliable.

Technical Details

The medical industry demands reliable, durable and safe products. We accomplish this by following a strict manufacturing process, vigorous testing and quality inspection procedures ensuring the finest quality latex comes off the Four D production line.

Our Medical Products meet with FDA standards and are made from low protein latex to minimise allergies and sensitivities.

Four D Manufacturing

Four D leg straps are made from the highest quality rubber, manufactured in a unique way which maintains the rubber’s original strong properties. This quality grade latex is then merged with additional intensifying chemicals for a distinctly strong finish which is highly capable of withstanding repeated stretching and pulling.

Recognition & Branding

Our leg straps are thoroughly tested and have long been used by medical professionals all over the world as a safe and trusted support mechanism.

ISO 9001. 2015 and ISO 13485. 2016 accredited and FDA approved

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